A[ɹ]CHI.EE is a creative studio established in Paris in 2011 with projects spanning across the globe in diverse sectors.
A[ɹ]chitecture - design, hospitality, retail, housing
A[ɹ]chive - research, craftsmanship, culture, history
A[ɹ]t –experimentation, aesthetics, innovation, technique

ARCHIEE’s team is led by international architects that explore a wide variety of disciplines and scales ranging from furniture design to monumental complexes. ARCHIEE’s practice is intended to be hybrid and rigorous. The core of its work is deeply connected to its cultural diversity along with a its particular attention to narrative, resulting in a bespoke design for each project.


Yusuke Kinoshita
Born in Tokyo, Japan, Yusuke spent his childhood in Los Angeles, USA before returning to Japan to study architecture. After receiving his Masters in Architecture from the University of Tokyo, he worked for several architecture offices in Tokyo and Paris, before establishing ARCHIEE. He is a registered Architect in Japan.

Ruofan Shen
Born in Beijing, China, he grew up in China and moved to Paris when he was a teenager. He learned architecture from a Chinese acclaimed architect, and received his Masters from École Spéciale d’Architecture. As he has developed his career internationally, he is based both in Paris and Beijing. DESA Architect in France.

Emilie Colonna d’Istria
Born in Paris, Emilie earned a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, London and a MA in Interior Design from the Royal College of Art, London. Prior to joining Archiee, she worked in design studios in London. She has a broad experience in retail interior design for luxury brands in France and London.

Daisuke Sekine
Born in Kanagawa, Japan, he originated from a Japanese sub-culture and has worked as a semiconductor software developer in Tokyo. While refining his talent in information technology, he then carried out his creations in architecture after moving to Paris. He received his Masters from École Spéciale d’Architecture. DESA Architect in France.

DEZEEN Award, London, UK Shortlisted, leisure and wellness 2020
Prix Paris Shop & Design, Paris, FR Winner Lauréat 2020
A’ Design Award, Como, IT Platinum Winner 2020
Interior Design Best of year 2019 ,NY, USA Honoreable 2019
ArchDaily 10th edition award, USA Nominated 2019
EFFIX Competition, Varna, BG 2nd prize 2016
Sapporo Court Renovation Competition, Sapporo, JP Finalist 2014
The Great Indoors Award, Maastricht, NL Nominated 2013
Prix SPÉCIALE Hiver, Paris, FR Short Listed 2012
Urdan Design Center Koriyama Competition, Fukushima, JP Top 10 Finalist 2009
Shinkenchiku Residential Competition, Tokyo, JP Honorable mention 2005